Happy New Year from Mowi Beads!

Dear Friends,

Wishing you a Happy New Year as we dive into a cold snowy 2017 here in Virginia. God has certainly blessed us and the Mowi Bead program in this past year, and we trust Him for what's in store for this new one.

Thank you to all of you who have volunteered and supported the program in so many ways. We are humbled each time we see God provide through His people.

Here's are some Mowi Beads firsts in the last year!

  • In July we received our official non-profit status from the IRS
  • Our first full year we operated with all Haitian leadership in Haiti
  • Mowi Beads is paying tuition for three young Christian men to begin their higher education
  • From donations, we were able to rebuild the house of one of our beaders this past fall
  • We were able to provide Christmas bonuses to our wonderful beaders

Mowi Beads continues to grow and had many firsts this past year.
In July, we received our official non-profit status from the IRS. Special thanks to Ben Pewitt from Redemption Church who guided us through this year long process.
This past summer was the first in our three-year history that we were able to continue buying beads through the summer months. In the past our funding prohibited this, and we were just a 10-month program. This was a huge blessing to our beaders to have income throughout the summer months. Daily life is difficult in Haiti!
This was also the first full year we operated with all Haitian leadership in Haiti. We have two wonderful God fearing men who lead buy collecting and counting beads as well as receiving and distributing payments. We couldn't operate without them. Thank you to Dagobert Simeon and Gary Destinoble.

Mowi Beads is paying tuition for three young Christian men to begin their higher education after the high school level. Two are receiving training in computer science and one is learning to become a customs official. Mowi Beads is always seeking ways to help the community at large as well as the beaders in our program.
From donations we were able to rebuild the house of one of our beaders this past fall. Her house was washed away in a flood in 2010. She is a widow and has been living with another family in the fishing village. This is a huge blessing to her and her family. We were also able to help pay for a dug out canoe for one of our beaders who is also a fisherman.
A year end Christmas bonus is customary for employers in Haiti. And although these are not meant to be full time jobs, we were so happy to be able give our hard-working bead makers a bonus this past year. Another first!

This year we've had churches and individuals host Mowi Beads shows. Many others have displayed and sold Mowi Beads at their local craft shows, while others still have donated generously to the program. Honestly, this is where "the rubber meets the road." Selling the jewelry on this end is the only way we can continue providing work to these bead makers trying hard to provide the necessities of daily living for their families. Thank you for your faithfulness in this, ‘behind the scenes’ work. We are so encouraged by your love for your neighbors in Haiti.
You can email, call or text Carolyn if you'd like to host a show for your area or church.
Love and Blessings in Christ,
Tom and Carolyn Hatten and the Mowi Beads team

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