Learn about Mowi Beads

What is Mowi Beads?

Started in the Spring of 2013 as a jobs program, in order to provide employment for men and women to support and care for themselves and their children.

What are the beads made of? 

Mowi Beads are paper beads made from recycled magazine paper by men and women in Montrouis, Haiti. All proceeds go back to the artisans to help them pay their rent and afford the necessities of daily living.

Who runs this program?

The program is all administrated by volunteers in North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia, who care deeply about making life better for the Haitians in Montrious. We are committed to keeping costs down and running the program efficiently so that the beaders get as much money as possible.

A few highlights about Mowi Beads:

  • There are now 25 men and women in the program, as well as a Haitian chaplain and instructor.

  • We continue to offer a rent savings program for the beadmakers, with about half choosing to participate. With endemic poverty it’s very difficult for a family to save money in Haiti. This program makes it possible to save money safely and for free.

  • The beads are collected and graded weekly, and beaders are paid monthly. The beads are sent to the United States where the jewelry is made and sold. The proceeds are used to buy more beads and the profit goes entirely to the beadmakers.

  • We sell jewelry through private home gatherings, church groups, craft shows, and online

Our mission is to show God’s love by providing employment for Haitians in desperate need. We pray that meeting physical needs will provide an open door for the Gospel.

For more information or questions about Mowi Beads contact Carolyn Hatten at 704-576-0278 or hi@mowibeads.com.


Facts about Haiti

  • Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere
  • Between 10 and 20 % of children die before age 5
  • 80% of Haitians live under the poverty level with 54% in abject poverty
  • 70 to 80% of people are unemployed
  • A typical worker makes $2.75 a day
  • Only 50% of children attend school
  • Over 400,000 children are orphaned

Please support Mowi Beads and make a difference in a life today! 


Where does the money go?

These are yearly figures. Our costs shift a little every month, but this gives a pretty good idea of where the money ends up.